New Masons Reception

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A little more than a month ago, I responded positively to an invitation to arrange for any new members of the Covenant Lodge to attend a welcome presentation at our headquarters in Great Queen Street, London. For anyone who has not previously visited the building, I heartily recommend it. It is open to the public […]

Tough words in defence of Freemasonry from the new Chief Executive of Masonry

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I am reporting on this a little late but it is nonetheless appropriate. Our website has recently been given a big facelift which now includes this very useful blog section. I have previously written about the public relations issues faced by Freemasonry. Masons are now feeling more confident about asserting themselves in defence of the […]

Religion and Politics – why do Freemasons make such a fuss about them?

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Freemasons are discouraged from discussing religion or politics in lodge meetings. The basic idea behind the rule is to reduce possibilities of divisive arguments. Secondly, the rule is intended to put “roadblocks” in the way of Freemasonry somehow morphing into a quasi-religious or political organisation. Yet, if Lodge members are not able to communicate freely […]