Why Join Freemasonry


Our fraternity is based on enjoyment of each others company.


Establish long lasting close friendships and ties.

Personal Development

Learn about yourself and make improvements.

About Us

About Us

Founding Principles

Brotherly love, Relief and Truth.

What is Freemasonry

A social organisation promoting friendship and civil responsibility.


Our roots are traceable back to 1723.

What Next?

What next?

Find out who can join?

.. or contact us and we can advise you?

What members say

“Freemasonry helped me to improve myself.”

Member A

“We frequently meet to socialise and prepare for formal meetings.”

Member B

“The ceremonial side of Freemasonry is personally challenging.”

Member C

“I would not miss our formal meetings for the world!”

Member D

“I get to know new friends extremely quickly.”

Member E
Watch a video

A short video to explain

Watch this video to see how Freemasonry is suitable for all ages.

From the blog

London Grand Rank Investiture 2018

Over the last few days, I have received a number of heart-warming congratulations from fellow Lodge members at the news that their Lodge Secretary has been awarded London Grand Rank in recognition of services to Freemasonry in London. In the grand scheme of things, the award is nothing to make a huge fuss about but […]

The Masonic summer break

People not connected to Freemasonry may not be aware that nearly all lodges hold no meetings between late June and early September. So why is this? In the main, it is because Freemasons are expected to attend all regular meetings. In the case of Covenant Lodge that is just four every year on the dates […]

How to let someone know about Freemasonry

Last week at the request of a Freemason friend, I travelled into London to meet with one of his acquaintances to chat very informally about Freemasonry and whether it might be a good fit for him. We had a lovely chat and will meet again. The most important thing for everybody is not to assume […]

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