London’s Air Ambulance Appeal

The current fleet of London Air Ambulances is proudly supported by our governing body, Metropolitan Grand Lodge, and all London lodges. But, the current fleet is reaching the end of its life and will need to be replaced with two new aircraft by 2024.

On 1st March 2023 the Metropolitan Grand Master, Sir Michael Synder, announced the London Freemasons’ 2023 Appeal. Sir Michael said:

“London’s Air Ambulance Service has just opened an appeal to raise the funds to renew their fleet of two helicopters as their current ones will relatively soon have to be taken out of service due to their age. The charity is genuinely ‘Up Against Time’ to raise the £15 million needed to replace the two helicopters and get the new ones flying by October 2024.

The London Air Ambulance Service – entirely funded by donations – is there for patients who are so seriously injured that saving their lives is dependent on specialist medical care being delivered on site before they are even considered for transfer to hospital.

The new helicopters will deliver emergency consultants, paramedics and A&E equipment to anywhere in London in 11 minutes, enabling them to give lifesaving treatment at the scene. For many this is a case of life or death.

As a charity well known and supported by London Freemasons, I am launching this appeal for London Freemasons to be, once again, the cornerstone funder for these life-saving helicopters. We will be the first big, or I should say enormous, donation for the London Air Ambulance ‘Up Against Time’ appeal. We, as an organization, will be able to look up into the skies of London and know that, because of us, London has this vital service. I have pledged that we will raise £3 million for this appeal. What better gift can London’s Freemasons give to helping keep the people of London safe.

We have supported London Air Ambulance over many years and we are their biggest single voluntary organisation donor. We previously helped them to purchase their second helicopter in 2016 and we have providing record support for their entire fleet of cars. Your donations so far have enabled the charity to be there for 11,000 Londoners. With your generous support, London Freemasons will be there to help many thousands more.

Today we are giving the LAA £100,000 as a pledge. We now have to find the rest over the next eighteen months. This is truly an important and a most exciting challenge!”

London Lodges have been challenged to raise £3 million so that Metropolitan Grand Lodge’s pledge can be honoured.

You may help this cause by donating directly at:

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