Our roots

Roots of Covenant Lodge

Our historical roots are traceable to the formation of Old Dundee Lodge on 17 March 1723.  The Lodge first held its meetings at The Ship, Bartholomew Lane, London. It grew in members and successive Lodges were formed as follows:

1723 - Old Dundee Lodge No 18

1838 - Chigwell Lodge No 453

1888 - Warner Lodge No 2256

1889 - Lennox Browne Lodge No 2318

1894 - Ixion Lodge No 2501

1897 - Victoria Diamond Jubilee Lodge No 2675

1921 - Covenant Lodge No 4344

Today, things have moved full circle in that Old Dundee Lodge now meets at the same venue as us, Mark Masons’ Hall, London.

First meeting place of Covenant Lodge

First meeting place of Covenant