How to let someone know about Freemasonry

Last week at the request of a Freemason friend, I travelled into London to meet with one of his acquaintances to chat very informally about Freemasonry and whether it might be a good fit for him. We had a lovely chat and will meet again.

The most important thing for everybody is not to assume anything! Don’t assume Freemasonry is right for the individual being met. Be open and honest about everything including possibilities for disappointments as well as moments of great joy.

New members who have been introduced via close friends, who are already a Freemasons, tend to be well informed well before they have any contact with fellow lodge members. Increasingly though, we are approached by people who have spotted us via social media of some kind and this is the kind of situation I most enjoy.

The meeting last week went well and we have agreed to meet over a meal within the next few weeks when we will be able to go into quite a lot more detail.

Freemasonry is a bit like golf – don’t expect to enjoy it to the full unless you are willing to commit!

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