Meeting the expectations of young London Freemasons

Like it or loathe it, we cannot escape the reality of an increasingly digital future with everything from currency exchange to ordering a pie and pint in a pub now very readily accessible online and via smartphones.

At Covenant Lodge, we have taken the view that we should do everything reasonably possible to keep up with the times and make the switch to digital communication methods. It is cheaper, quicker and more efficient for all routine communications to be digital but sometimes emails are not as effective as other digital communication methods.

And, in reaction to the inherent weaknesses of email communications, a plethora of faster, more responsive digital communication tools have become publicly available.

With all this going on, we wanted to improve the ease with which Lodge members can communicate with each other while staying well ahead of the bare minimum level of privacy now required under our nation’s system of law.

Some months ago, we decided to distribute all future private Lodge related communications as clickable web links as opposed to email attachments.

Having established that way of working, we have within the last few weeks taken a further step by building our own private communication network which we now use for almost all formal and informal Lodge communications.

And, while going more private for some things, we have become much more public about others by making public details of planned Lodge events.

So, there you have it – it’s more than possible to be open about what we do while responding to the trend towards a tight legal framework for digital privacy.

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